HERBER — 750RL All electric 9-axis Right/Left CNC Tube bending machine

Herber CNC-machine 700S is optimized for tubes OD 6–55 mm.
Maximum clearance around the bending head and the automatic tool changer make it possible to bend complex shapes without intermediate tool changes.

    Technical specifications/Herber  750 RL
    Capacity, Ø mm 57 x 2 mm
    Radius, min/max 25/250 mm
    Radius difference 80 mm
    Bending speed/repeatability 200º/s. ±0,05°
    Length of mandrel 1000 – ∞mm
    Weight, kg 2800 kg
    Machine dimensions 3,0 × 1,6 × 1,5 m
    Tube rotation 0–360°/sec
    Length feeding 0–2100 mm/sec
    Degree of Tolerance 0,05°/mm